Michael Cera Would Be a Fantastically Awkward Parent — VIDEO

Michael Cera is not a dad. I repeat Michael Cera does not have a son named Amos, and when a guy at Sundance asked him about Amos, it was actually part of a prank conceived by the evil genius that is Michael Cera. It's actually pretty funny in the "yeah, only someone as awkward as Michael Cera would think that's hilarious" sort of way, because not only did the actor plant his friend Adam into the Sundance audience to accuse Cera of not taking responsibility of his "son," but Cera then backed out of it and Adam ended up being the target.

On Tuesday night's episode of The Late Show, Cera told David Letterman about how he masterminded the joke during a Q&A for his film Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus. His friend sat in the audience per Cera's request and then stood up to ask a two-part question: "The first part is, 'When is the last time you saw your son Amos,' and the second part is, 'If you’re so sure he’s not your son, why won’t you take the DNA test?'" And Cera, the obviously horrible friend that he is, avoided answering the question directly, saying that he was only there to talk about the movie and not about his personal life — which celebrities do all the time! So, of course, the audience was going to take it seriously.

The audience now thought that Cera was a big jerk who wouldn't see his "son," meanwhile Cera’s having a big laugh for tricking everyone, especially Adam seeing as the crowd then turned on him. Cera's director, not knowing what was going on, even yelled out to this rude audience member and told him that he really didn’t like him. Poor Adam. He was the victim of a prank he thought he was in charge of. Cera was still laughing about it during the Letterman interview, and the host jokingly told him he would ban the actor from Sundance for life.


While the Amos thing may be a prank, it’s at least getting me to think about what exactly awkward, stuttering Michael Cera would do as a dad. Would he be a good father? Would his kid whisper-mumble, wear hoodies, and look sad and confused all the time too? What sort of life lessons would Cera bequeath to his fictional son Amos exactly?

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Y'know, the important things in life.

Maybe Cera would be a good dad after all. Then again, he learned from the best.

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