What Frankie Would Think Of The VMAs

By now we all know that Frankie Grande of Big Brother is Ariana Grande's brother, right? We also should all know that Frankie and Ariana Grande have like an uber cute relationship, something an only child like myself, can only watch with jealousy. So surely it absolutely killed Frankie that he couldn't go with Ariana to the MTV Video Music Awards that took place on Sunday night, right? Ariana Grande is having a huge boom in her career right now, and no doubt Frankie would do anything to be there. Frankie has been Ariana's date to multiple award shows in the past, so we know that if he were not in the Big Brother house, he would have totally been by her side, and in the audience watching her slay her performances.

But fortunately, it isn't too hard to guess what Frankie would have thought about all of the major moments of the VMAs. Frankie has never been one to hide his feelings about something or someone. I mean he professed his love to Zach multiple times throughout the current season of Big Brother. The VMAs are no exception to receiving Frankie's praise and "WTF" reactions. Here's I'm sure it would have gone down:

1) When Beyonce had her major "Feminist" moment:

2) When Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj performed "Bang, Bang":

3) When Nicki Minaj was booty poppin' all over the stage:

4) When Miley didn't personally accept her "Wrecking Ball" award:

5) During Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" performance:

6) When The Carters came together onstage for a family moment:

7) The entire time Jim Carrey was on stage, wishing he would disappear.

8) When the Kardashian Klan couldn't respect the moment of silence for Ferguson:

9) During Nicki Minaj's almost wardrobe malfunction:

Images: Lisette M. Azar/CBS; Brice Sander (3), ImSoDoneWithJustinBieber, Fuck Yeah Its Big Brother (2), All BB Updates (2), Zachary Rance/Tumblr