Andy Cohen Talks Teresa Giudice Drama but He's Not Telling Us Everything

Ever since Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice were indicted on 39 counts of fraud, we've all been wondering what Housewives' creator and sensei Andy Cohen thinks of this Giudice mess, and finally, we have our answer. Kind of. When asked on his web series @sk Andy what he can share about this, the biggest, most intense legal drama in Housewives history, he said:

I don’t have any more information than anyone at home does. So I don’t really have a take except that I’m thinking of them and the kids. I certainly hope it resolves itself in a happy way.

First of all, that cannot be true, right? He must have more information — the Giudice's allegedly illegal wheeling and dealings could have consequences for the network, and we have to assume that Cohen's been caught up to speed regarding the possible ramifications of his stars' fraud. Rumor has it that footage from the TV show could be used in trial and that some of the show's production staff could be questioned about what they observed while filming the family who loves to hide the truth — Cohen's gotta know more than he's letting on.

But, if he's truly being kept in the dark here, he'll need some answers sooner or later — if Teresa and Joe go to jail, how will the show proceed? And if Teresa's put under house arrest, will Cohen's cameras be there to capture all that ankle-bracelet glory?

Don't hold back on us, Andy. We're all friends here.

Watch Andy talk Teresa: