Go John Lennon-Chic, Just Like Demi

John Lennon fans, it appears that the performer's iconic style has once again become de rigueur. At the very least, Demi Lovato seems to think so based on the very bohemian selfie she posted on Instagram. The performer, television personality, and newly minted women's health advocate has abandoned her skintight, brightly printed stage wares in favor of a relaxed look that reads more "Let It Be" than "Helter Skelter". Pairing now-ubiquitous round frame sunglasses with an embroidered tunic, multiple layered chains, and a fistful of bangles, Lovato looked about ready to settle down for a round of afternoon meditation.

Of course the look wouldn't have been complete without a statement top-handle tote, but look is so incredibly laid-back that even a bag the size of a person couldn't drag the ensemble into mainstream territory unless Lovato was headed off to Coachella. If you're looking for an outfit that tells the world how unruffled you are by minor mishaps and material possessions, it may be time to take a leaf out of Demi Lovato's book and go hippie-chic. After all, this ensemble is begging to be worn in the presence of a warm autumn fire and an acoustic guitarist.


For a look like Demi's, choose an embroidered black tunic in a slightly slouchy cut. Ecote's Embroidered Tunic Top is ultra-flattering thanks to its inky shade and vintage-inspired bell sleeves, which give it a subtle throwback vibe.


Keep your look demure by throwing a lace-embellished camisole under your tunic. Try Free People's Outskirts Lace Cami for a bohemian look and added coverage.


You only live once, so embrace your style with A.J. Morgan Yolo 55mm Sunglasses. John Lennon would be proud.


Add a pop of bling to your ensemble with a gold layered necklace like Lovato's. Gorjana's Ella Layered Locket Necklace mirrors the singer's layered look without the trouble of hunting for multiple matching strands separately.

Images: ddlovato/Instagram; Ecote Embroidered Tunic Top, $69,; Free People Outskirts Lace Cami, $48,; A.J. Morgan Yolo 55mm Sunglasses, $24,; Gorjana Ella Layered Locket Necklace, $128,