Is Nick's Weird Hat Meant as a Diss to Mariah?

Stop the presses! Wait, we don't really use presses anymore. Freeze the Internet! Nick Cannon wore a hat with the word "saved" emblazoned on it amidst rumors that his marriage to Mariah Carey is falling apart, so obviously he's an insensitive jerkface, who doesn't give a rat's about trying to "save" things with his wife. Orrr we're just seeing a sensationalized headline from Us Weekly per usual? Take your pick.

Now, Us didn't come out and say that Cannon was an insensitive jerkface for wearing the hat, but being that the headline read "Mariah Carey Steps Out With Kids; Nick Cannon Wears 'Saved' Baseball Cap as Marriage Crumbles," they kind of didn't need to. We all can infer, Us.

I certainly don't doubt there's "trouble in paradise" with the couple, being that Cannon told Yahoo!'s The Insider, "There's trouble in paradise" with he and Carey. But what if his cap was meant to reveal that their marriage has been "saved," as opposed to just him? What if it was supposed to be a good thing and millions of people are now taking it out of context? Eh, you're right, I'm probably just trying to convince myself of something totally ridiculous.

But there is always the possibility that Cannon was just wearing a random hat that happened to have the word "saved" stitched onto it. That's certainly plausible, isn't it? Anyone?

Celebs, I tell ya. They can be real enigmas.