Before 'The Originals' Season 2 Premieres, Here's Absolutely Everything We Know So Far

We've almost made it, CW vampire fans — The Originals Season 2 will premiere in October and we're finally going to find out what creepy Esther Mikaelson is doing in New Orleans. Or at least whether or not Hayley and Elijah will keep kissing in Season 2. (God, I hope so.) The first season of The Vampire Diaries' spin-off series, centered around Original hybrid Klaus Mikaelson, was a breakout star of The CW's 2013-14 season. And it's second season, with that potential TVD and Originals crossover, is shaping up to be even better. So, what Originals Season 2 spoilers are out there so far?

When we left off in the Season 1 finale, Klaus had made a fatal error underestimating Francesca Correa and her family of alleged "humans" and Genevieve, who he thought he had perfectly manipulated. And now he's stuck with a handful of moonlight rings that suck away his power every time there's a full moon so that the Correa family can choose to not turn into wolves. Oh, and by the way, Hayley's a werewolf and baby hybrid Hope Mikaelson had to run away with her aunt Rebekah to stay alive. Things really aren't working out for Klaus Mikaelson in his quest to regain his throne as King of New Orleans.

So, what do we know so far about where The Originals Season 2 is going to run with where the Season 1 finale left off? Well, we might be in for some more Klaroline at the very least.

The Premiere

The Originals Season 2 will move nights this fall and premiere on Monday, Oct. 6. So, mark your calendars, people. In addition to the premiere date, Julie Plec announced in July that the title of the premiere will be "Rebirth," which could mean a number of things. But, I'm fairly certain that it will have to do with Hayley's transition into a hybrid — judging by the first trailer for the second season, it doesn't look like that's going to go well at all.


Julie Plec revealed that Haylijah might be on the outs when Season 2 begins this fall. Why? Because he doesn't feel like he gets her anymore, now that she, Klaus, and their daughter are the only three hybrids on the planet. She teased that his insecurities might be getting the best of him and while that makes sense, fans also know that Elijah loves challenging women and he's not going to give up on Hayley that easily. So, we can definitely look forward to some great, romantic professions of love this season from the only 'ship that really matters.

The TVD Crossover

THE CROSSOVER IS HAPPENING, PEOPLE. Julie Plec confirmed that TVD and The Originals would crossover sometime in the "early part" of this season and, well, it could mean a number of things. But the two biggest theories I'm willing to put my heart into are that Esther Mikaelson will bring Damon back AND Klaus and Caroline will get together at least one last time. And it'll be amazing for everyone involved, but especially all of us fans that have been calling for more crossovers since day one of this spin-off.

Auntie Bex

Will she come back? Claire Holt, who plays the Original sister, was cast in the new NBC series Aquarius but she can't be gone for good. Plec already let slip that The Originals will check in with Rebekah and Hope in Season 2 because we can't really just forget that storyline. Hope is the entire motivation for this season's war. We can't abandon her and by extension, Rebekah. Hopefully she got her white picket fence after all.

Marcel & Klaus Are Getting Back Together

In the latest trailer for The Originals , Cami straight-up asks Klaus and Elijah why they're not going to Marcel for help with their wolf problem? I mean, he's got an army, he's got the power to elevate their game and he's just on the other side of the river. And, well, Cami's plea works — the trailer ends with Klaus asking Marcel to join him in the fight. Who said you can never, ever, ever get back together after you massacre all of your friend's friends?

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