7 Reasons Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Are in Canada Together That Don't Involve Dating

So, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. What's going on there? Every time we think they've broken up because Gomez is in one place and Bieber is taking selfies with models in another place, something happens to prove us wrong. If it's not Bieber posting sultry Instagram pictures of Gomez and then deleting them, it's the two of them going out to dinner together. Now, apparently, Bieber and Gomez went to Canada together and the mystery of their relationship status is back on. Spoiler alert: The answer is probably "It's Complicated."

If this was just a matter of Bieber doing Bieber things, then I would assume that he's trolling all of us by making all of these appearances with Gomez and Instagraming them so we know they happened. This seems like the exact kind of thing that Bieber would find funny. However, with Gomez actually involved, I'm not sure if I'm being trolled, if something is going on between them again, or if I should just give up and mind my own business. Since I'm physically incapable of doing the latter, I'm willing to give Gomez the benefit of the doubt here. I mean, there are lots of reasons why she and Bieber might be hanging out, in Canada or otherwise, that have almost nothing to do with restarting their romantic connection.

1. She's deporting him for us.

Hey, there's a petition to get Bieber sent back to Canada still floating around somewhere. Maybe Gomez is the one who started the petition and has decided to take matters into her own hands.

2. She lost a bet.

Maybe they had a bet going from last time they were "on" and the terms of the bet were that if she lost then she had to go on a trip to Canada with him. Not sure what they would be betting over that would still apply while they were "off", though. Who would win at the VMAs this year maybe?

3. He lost a bet.

Loser has to take their ex-girlfriend on an awkward trip to Canada? After all, according to E! Online's exclusive sources, Gomez and Bieber "did not speak to each other" when they went to Tim Horton's to get takeout and even went in separate cars.

4. His dad thinks they're still together.

One E! insider reports that Bieber's dad lives in the area they were visiting and Bieber has been there three times this year to see him. Maybe Bieber's father doesn't read the gossip sites and thus thinks that Bieber and Gomez are still together, which Bieber has no problem maintaining because they've only seen each other three times so far this year.

5. He's in image rehab.

Considering the police got called on Bieber and Gomez's date earlier this week, maybe appearing with Gomez is a PR move. Every time Bieber does something despicable, Gomez swoops in to make people realize that he can maintain a steady relationship with a nice girl. Nevermind the fact that it's not working. Maybe Bieber should just stopping pulling stunts.

6. They're just friends.

Yes, Gomez and Bieber had a very intense relationship years ago, but the fact that they're hanging out again doesn't have to necessarily mean that they're dating again. It would definitely explain all the flip-flopping on whether they're together or not. Maybe they're just trying to be friends again rather than pursuing anything romantic — at least for now. That would explain why they're going on zoo and movie dates in between Bieber's model selfies.

7. The picture is photoshopped.

It seems that Gomez and Bieber would go to all the effort of taking separate cars and not talking to each other on a take-out run to keep their visit quiet and then post a selfie from that visit, doesn't it? Maybe Bieber photoshopped Gomez into this picture and she was never actually there at all. At least, not there with him. Oh, well. Knowing Bieber, he'll probably delete it soon anyway.

Image: justinbieber/Instagram; gif-database, meangirlsofpanem, a-part-of-elysoul, fyeahfriendsgifs/Tumblr; Rebloggy (3)