New Looney Tunes Movie with Steve Carell Should Learn From 'Space Jam'

Alert all '90s kids: there's a new Looney Tunes movie in production with a real-life actor. The movie, currently titled Acme , will be written by X-Men: First Class scribes Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz and will star Steve Carell. The rest of the film's details — plot, animation vs. live action, characters — are unknown.

But I know what you're thinking: "Will it be like Space Jam? Will it be a remake or a sequel? How can I watch more Space Jam?" Well, to answer you last question: the Space Jam website remains unchanged, and if you're truly invested, you can try watching Looney Tunes: Back in Action with Brendan Fraser. But the chances that this movie will look anything like Space Jam are slim. First of all, there's no Michael Jordan nor another basketball star attached to the project. And secondly, the script writers haven't even had any of Michael's Secret Stuff!

So, this Looney Tunes movie may not allow you to re-live your childhood movie-watching dreams exactly as they happened, but that's not to say that this movie can't take some things from the both classic and terrible film. Here are a few things the script writers could learn from Space Jam:

Create More Female Cartoons

Space Jam introduced an entirely new character into the Looney Toons cannon. Sure, her role was mostly just "hot bunny lady for Bugs Bunny to make out with," but besides Granny and Witch Hazel, she's literally the only other female cartoon in the film. Now that it's 2014, maybe we can get a cartoon that's more than just a "girl version" of an already existing male cartoon?

Bring in Aliens

Why? Because it's ridiculous. Because you can make up anything about aliens: that they try to claim Earth through a basketball game, that they can steal the talents of famous basketball players through a basketball... anything. The sky's the limit. Hell, the whole universe is the limit.

A Nonsensical Celebrity Cameo

Remember when Bill Murray shows up in Space Jam and everyone's just like, "Oh hey, it's comedian Bill Murray, maybe he can help us win this basketball game against giant space aliens?" It's just no big deal? Really, more movies should do that. Acme should really have a celebrity play themselves (please be Bill Murray) and have them show up in the last act of the movie (please be Bill Murray) and be like, "Yeah, that thing you need help with that I have absolutely no talent in? I just showed up, but sure, I'll help you out with it!" (Also, please be Bill Murray.)

Killer Songs Written for the Soundtrack


It's rare that you'll find a movie soundtrack with great, original songs. It's even more rare that that soundtrack is for a blockbuster kid's movie. But such is the case with Space Jam — I still listen to that Quad City DJs track. So if Acme wants to try and recapture some of that success, it's going to need a kickass soundtrack to go along with it.

Images: Warner Bros.