Lindsay & Oprah Hash it Out

by Lindsay Mannering

During Lindsay Lohan's one-hour interview with Oprah, it became clear with every minute that something about the 27-year-old actress was different. Yes, her plumped up lips were a new addition, but her positive attitude had been inflated, as well. When Lindsay and Oprah filmed the sit-down, Linds was only four days out of rehab, and it was evident that she was still high on the rehabilitation Kool-Aid, which is as terrible a metaphor as it is totally appropriate.

Talking to Oprah, Lindsay admitted she's an addict. Alcohol is her drug of choice, she revealed, and she said she's only dabbled 10 to 15 times in cocaine because it was a drug that allowed her to drink more. "It was a party thing," she said.

But as willing as Lindsay was to admit her alcoholism, Oprah was hell-bent on revealing to Lindsay that she was addicted to chaos, as well. The young starlet acquiesced only so far, though (her dad has, in fact, been arrested nine times) but refused to blame her parents for any of the bad decisions she's made in her own life ... something we're willing to admit is a sign of some pretty significant maturation in rehab.

If this interview is to be believed, Lindsay seems to be on the straight and narrow. Not only was she poised, self-aware, and articulate, she also seemed keenly aware that she may be out of lives to spare, so to speak. Even though Oprah lobbed her softballs for 60 minutes, Lindsay was able to convincingly convey that she's moved on from her partying, and just wants to be back on set, where she's happy. If her time on Chelsea Lately is any evidence, Lindsay really does thrive in the spotlight, big or small.

But could it have all been an act? Lindsay is a great actress, after all, and at times the interview felt choreographed and edited to perfection, and we all know Lindsay is far from perfect. The only glimmer of real emotion came when Oprah told Lindsay she had talent. Hearing those words made LiLo tear up — it was almost as if no one had told her that since 2004, when Mean Girls came out.

It's only natural to be skeptical of Lindsay's 180, but if anyone can help her stay on the path to recovery, it might be Oprah. Lindsay's eight episode docu-series for OWN airs shortly, and it was clear from their conversation that Oprah wants Lindsay "to win." To that end, she was able to talk Lindsay out of taking a trip to Europe with her brother. Lindsay insisted it was for a yoga retreat, but Oprah saw it as a gateway to relapse.

Overall, the interview served Lindsay's purpose. She expressed that she feels it's important to regain to public's trust, and tonight's convo was a definitive step in the right direction. While we may have wanted O. to grill LiLo on her plastic surgery, her friendships in Hollywood, her time at the morgue, and her mother's (allegedly) drunken Dr. Phil interview, the tameness we got was almost just as outrageous, if not entirely more satisfying.

But as Lindsay said herself, the story of a well-adjusted young woman does not sell. It remains to be seen what, exactly, we'll see on her docu-series, but if it's more of this I'm-a-spiritual-being-who's-healing type thing, her reality show might be the most boring thing to ever happen to OWN.

And for Lindsay, that just might be the best possible scenario.

[Image via OWN]