How Did Chloe Grace Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham Meet? It Turns Out SoulCycle Is For Soulmates

Ahh, young love! Chloe Grace Moretz may only be 17, but the actress already has quite the catch of a boyfriend. OK, their romance is actually only rumored because they're pretty coy, but if those rumors are true, Chloe Grace Moretz is dating Brooklyn Beckham. Yup, the 15-year-old offspring of David Beckham and Posh Spice — I mean, Victoria Beckham. The kid basically hit the DNA jackpot. Anyway, I digress... So how did these two meet anyway? When you walk red carpets more than you walk down the hallway to algebra class, it's unlikely you met in a school cafeteria. Despite not being "typical" teens, their story of meeting is quirky and perfect in its own way.

In a recent interview, Moretz wouldn't talk much about her rumored BF, but she did divulge how they met. She said, "We met at SoulCycle in LA. We SoulCycle together. The Beckhams are a really sweet family." Seriously! Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham met at a biking class. Can they please get matching "SoulCycle is for Soulmates" t-shirts and wear them while cycling together? A couple that exercises together stays together, right?

And apparently riding stationary bikes isn't the only athletic activity they share. Have you seen these precious pictures of them skateboarding? Ugh, my heart!

Anyway, before I explode from the cuteness, let's imagine what their little SoulCycle meeting went like.

It was a normal day at Chloe's exercise class... Until she spotted a famous family a few rows over

She tried to play it cool, but fell off her bike a little bit.

Yup, David Beckham riding a stationary bike nearby

How would you react to that?

Then she remembered he's already married... to Victoria Beckham

And no one, no one, can compete with Posh Spice

Just when she started to give up hope...

She saw someone sitting next to the Beckham crew

A much more age-appropriate option

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She felt like she scored the winning soccer goal

She tried to play it cool

Channeling super-hero levels of confidence, she approached the famous fam

The two hit it off! She subsequently celebrated with a Spice Girls theme dance party on her way home

OK, even if it didn't go quite like that, they're so adorable together. And that's all that matters!

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