When Is Shakira's Baby Due? Her Second Baby Will Likely Arrive in Winter

Her bump doesn't lie: Shakira has officially confirmed that she is pregnant! This will be her second child with soccer stud boyfriend Gerard Pique — their son Milan was born in January 2013. While we know that the Colombian songstress is indeed expecting, we don't yet know Shakira's due date (and we have the decency not to ask when the spawn was conceived). That said, I will employ some sound deductive reasoning in order to deliver — pun unintended — three possible options (in chronological order).

December 2014

REASONING: Shakira confirmed her first pregnancy with baby Milan four months before she gave birth. Let's assume she totally dug that time frame and has decided to stick with it this go 'round. We could be four months away from welcoming a holiday baby!

January 2015

REASONING: Shakira and Pique met when she was filming the music video for "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)," the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Let's assume that on the last day of this year's World Cup (July 13), the pair split a bottle of wine, reminisced about how the event brought them together, and, shall we say, celebrated. If their "celebration" was a success, this would mean a January baby is on the way.

February 2015

REASONING: Most etiquette sites agree that a lady should wait to announce her pregnancy until the end of the first trimester (which is about three months long). Let's assume that Shakira — being the classy chica she is — decided to follow this protocol. If three months have passed in her pregnancy, then the six that remain would suggest a late February delivery. Too bad 2015 isn't a Leap Year, 'cause having a Leap baby would be too freaking cool.

While you contemplate these three options, watch this video featuring the whole family:

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