Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Here Are 11 Recipes to Bring You Good Luck This Fall

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If you ask me, there aren’t nearly enough excuses to feast in the fall. After a whole summer’s worth of cookouts, patriotic occasions, and barbecues, it’s a foodie desert until holiday season. I mean, what are you supposed to do between Labor Day and Thanksgiving? Eat kale chips? Allow me to introduce the Mid-Autumn Festival. Growing up in a Vietnamese household, I knew it as the time when my grandmother used to stuff me with even more sticky rice and mooncakes than usual — and oh, what a glorious time, indeed. Its origins are murky, involving either 13th-century Chinese rebels or a woman on the moon, but one thing is certain: There is no tastier way to ring in the season. Ditch the apple pie for noodles, taro, and pomelo — we have a festival to celebrate.

Image: Kirbie’s Cravings

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