What Is ‘Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Doing Now? It Seems He’s Still Getting His GTL On

Even though viewers at home don't get to watch them, the lives of reality TV stars do, in fact, continue after the cameras stop rolling. Such is the case for all the colorful characters on MTV's Jersey Shore. The show may have been one of the most surprisingly fascinating reality programs in history — three generations of my family would get together and watch every week — but, aside from major milestones, we don't really know what the housemates are up to on the daily. For instance, what is Jersey Shore 's Ronnie Magro doing now? Here are the (non-UV ray) burning questions you're probably asking while you watch those endless reruns.

Q: Is he still with Sammi Giancola?

A: Nope! Ronnie and Sammi officially split up for the umpteenth time just last week. "I still care about her," Ronnie told People. "She's a great girl, but we were growing decent. It was for the best." According to Us Weekly, Sammi said about the split: "I wish him the best." What a sweetheart, living up to her name. Pour out some Ron Ron Juice in memoriam.

Q: Does he have a job?

A: Unlike Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Ronnie doesn't quite have the kind of first (nick)name recognition to fuel an empire. Still, he appears to be milking his pseudo-fame for all it's worth. From what I gather Instagramically, Ronnie has nabbed himself some endorsement deals from protein powder companies. Better than a 9 to 5!

Q: Does he still keep up with his fellow housemates?

A: Yes! Ronnie is affectionately referred to as Jenni "JWoww" Farley's daughter Meilani's "uncle."

And here he is with Vinny Guadagnino:

Q: Does he still GTL?

That's "gym, tan, laundry," in case you forgot. Not sure he has to do his own laundry anymore, but this Instagram definitely sums of the gym and tan part of the equation.

Q: Has he done the Ice Bucket Challenge?

A: Totes.

Q: Is he happy?

A: Let this half-depressing/half-hopeful Instagram post speak for itself.

Images: Ronnie Magro/Instagram