Aaron Paul Tells Jimmy Kimmel About How He Was Born On The Bathroom Floor — VIDEO

It's his Kimmel interview, bitch! Viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live! learned a whole bunch about Aaron Paul in his interview on the late night talk show on Thursday, like how he was born on the bathroom floor. Say what? Now there's a story to whip out at parties.

Paul explains it best himself, but in short: His mama popped him out on the bathroom floor and cut the umbilical cord herself, as if she was a seasoned OBGYN rockstar. Paul then appeared in his town's newspaper — like a freakin' star — proving that he was already qualified to tackle the press in a couple of decades, when he would become a multiple-Emmy winning actor for Breaking Bad .

Oh, and about those Emmys. Since Paul recently acquired his third Emmy for his performance as Jesse Pinkman, Jimmy Kimmel figured this was a grand opportunity to dress his three Emmys up. "As what?" You may ask. Well, when you have three golden Emmys, why not put Adidas sneakers on them and turn them into the members of Run DMC? It's the natural choice, really.

You can check out the video below. We may not be able to watch Jesse Pinkman anymore, but the more Aaron Paul, the better (so long as it's not Need for Speed).