Hilary Swank's New Movie Is Worth Your Attention

With the ice bucket challenge to support ALS research now truly a phenomenon in the world, it's great to see the awareness of such a degenerative disease rising so much in recent months — and, hopefully, the trend continues thanks to films like this one. In the new trailer for You're Not You , Hilary Swank portrays a classical pianist named Kate diagnosed with ALS, struggling through coping with the disease and its symptoms. As a result, she and her husband, portrayed by Josh Duhamel, hire an assistant for Kate named Bec (Emmy Rossum): a young, grungy college student who has no visible focus in life.

I won't give away the bulk of the trailer, because it really is better if you just watch it, but take my word for it: This one is gonna give you some major feels.

As for the cast, You're Not You boasts a great one. Rossum, who has been showcasing her immense acting talents on Shameless for years (and yet, still, no Emmys for Emmy!) shines in the role of Bec, whose life is changed working with Kate. And, of course, Swank is amazing, yet again, proving her fearlessness to take on and completely immerse herself in heavy roles. That's not a skill many actors can boast, and yet, Swank's done it time and time again: Million Dollar Baby, in which she played a professional boxer hopeful struck down by quadriplegia, immediately comes to mind. When that fearlessness to be completely vulnerable as an actor translates to screen in the way that Swank is able to make it, you've got something special.

You can check out the trailer below. You're Not You will hit theaters and on demand on October 10.

Image: 2S Films