37 Hindu Pilgrims Killed By Train in India, Mob Violence Ensues

A train accident in India has left 37 Hindu pilgrims dead and led to an angry mob setting fire to the coaches.

The accident occurred Monday morning in a remote part of eastern India when a train plowed into a group of pilgrims who were crossing the tracks. Monday is the last day of the country's holy month and large crowds were exiting passenger trains at the station en route to a nearby temple.

After the accident, an enraged group began stoning the train and brutally beating the conductor. The mob reportedly told passengers to clear the train and then set several cars on fire. Rescue crews sent to the scene were slow to respond due to the fact that the train station is not accessible by road. The death toll is expected to rise and the condition of the train's conductor could not be confirmed.

The train involved in the accident is part of the Rayja Rani Express, a new service that connects large cities and travels at speeds of 50 miles per hour. The train was not scheduled to stop at the Dhamara Ghat station, where the accident occurred.