11 Timeless Life Lessons Elle Woods Taught Us

by Kadeen Griffiths

I don't know about you, but Legally Blonde is one of my favorite movies. There is no limit on the amount of times it's appropriate to watch Elle Woods dominate Harvard with pink and rainbow sparkles. There is no time at which Legally Blonde is going to be so outdated that it's practically irrelevant. After all, Reese Witherspoon dressed up as Elle Woods to cheer up a sick fan and do you know why it worked? Aside from the fact that, well, Reese Witherspoon was sending someone a get well soon message, it worked because Elle Woods is the kind of timeless and iconic character that will be beloved forever.

Watching Legally Blonde makes it clear that Elle Woods was a feminist icon, but she also inadvertently taught people a lot of life lessons that are still relevant today. It might have been 13 years since this movie first came out, but it's still important to all our lives. In fact, if we tried to live according to the guidelines that Elle has laid down for us, we could probably graduate valedictorian from Harvard too. Well, if we live according to her guidelines and also study law, I guess.

Here are 11 simple life lessons Elle Woods taught everyone.

1. Chocolate is a universal solver of heartbreak.

Bonus points when combined with a good movie. Chocolate gives you the same endorphin rush as exercise or having sex, or so the latest reports say, and a good movie gives you the same endorphin rush as seeing Ryan Gosling in any movie ever.

2. Believe in yourself.

This cliche lesson is also the most important one. (Well, second most important one.) When you get right down to it, the thing that really got Elle through Harvard and through all the complications that came during her time in Harvard was her belief in herself. And that is beautiful.

3. All of your interests are valid.

The next time someone tells you listening to One Direction is a stupid waste of time, remind them that Elle Woods won a court case thanks to her knowledge of hair care and perms. You never know when knowing the lyrics to "What Makes You Beautiful" inside and out will come in handy.

4. Happiness is the key to avoiding jail time.

Happy people don't commit violent crimes. That's a fact. An Elle Woods fact.

5. Orange is not the new pink.

Seriously, it's not. Orange Is the New Black, but the new pink? Come on.

6. Don't waste your time with guys who don't call.

The instant she finally let go of Warner was the instant Elle began to really excel at school because she was no longer doing this in part for a guy. If a guy can't see how great you are, then they don't deserve you and you can do better.

7. Celebrate yourself.

Modesty goes a lot way, sure, but if you did a good job and you worked hard and you know it then there's absolutely nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back. You need to appreciate yourself and your accomplishments before you can expect anyone else to.

8. Surround yourself with positive influences.

Elle might have not fit in at Harvard at first, but her sorority sisters had her back every step of the way. They weren't the most well-developed characters in the film, but the fact that they came all the way to Massachusetts to support Elle during her first court case says a lot about her friendship with them. The only people who matter are the people who have your back.

9. Think outside the box.

Elle was the only girl at Harvard with fluffy pens and such a fabulous sense of style and she became valedictorian. And won a court case in her freshman year. There's really something to be said about being your own unique self.

10. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Once Vivian and Elle stopped competing over Warner, they became best friends despite their first impressions of each other. And once everyone stopped dismissing Elle as frivolous, they got to see what a smart and kind-hearted woman she really was. It's another cliche, but Elle Woods did it best.

11. Bend and snap.

Just admit it changed your life. Duh.