New 'Harmontown' Trailer Shows Dan Harmon At His Best & Worst — VIDEO

I'm always for anything that has the potential to raise awareness that Community is a damn great show, and considering this documentary does that as well as delve deep into the complicated-yet-brilliant writing method that creator Dan Harmon employs, I'm definitely here for it. Also, all previews we've seen so far for the project have been great, which is a definite plus. Like this one: Dan Harmon's documentary, Harmontown has a new trailer, and it looks pretty compelling — even if you're not a Community fan (pre-convert, as I like to say) yourself.

Shot over the period of time that Harmon was unceremoniously fired from the very show he created (he was hired back after one year, because Sony realized they'd G.O.B.'d up the situation and made a huge mistake) Harmontown follows a cross-country tour Harmon took with his podcast, also titled Harmontown, and also features guest appearances and interviews with various celebrities who know and have worked with Harmon. Of course, the Community cast is there too.

It all looks interesting, to say the least: Harmon is a comedic genius, yes; but every artist has their own, difficult to understand way of creating their genius, and he is no exception. He's made mistakes, he's made masterpieces — and at the end of the day, everything is worth it, because, as he states in the trailer, "I want to be the guy that makes people happy."

You can check out the trailer below. Harmontown will hit theaters and video on demand platforms on October 3.

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