OK, So Hilary Duff's Album Won't Be Released So Soon After All

After providing the world with her beautiful new single, All About You (released shortly after the music video and promotion for her other single, Chasing the Sun, also beautiful!) Hilary Duff has fans literally waiting with baited breath for her next move. Which is to say, Duff’s recent announcement that she’d be releasing her album in October (yes, this October!) was basically the most thrilling news since the discovery of cat GIFs. But stop — before you get too excited, check out this pretty disappointing news: Hilary Duff’s album is being delayed for a few months rather than being released in October like originally planned.

I know, I know. The torture of waiting yet another few months for what is sure to be a magical part of music history is just unbearable. The singer didn’t have a reason for postponing the album’s release but she did tweet to confirm the upsetting news.

“Guys hate to break this news but the album won’t be out in October,” Duff wrote. “You will have to wait a few more months. Love all the excitement tho.”

I want to curl up in the fetal position for a few days upon hearing this information, but I know that in my now-broken heart that Duff is just taking her time to make sure her work is utter perfection. And who knows? Maybe by “a few more months” she actually means December, and what an awesome Christmas that would be.

Besides, it has been several years since Duff was part of the music scene and coming back from that can be a lot of pressure. I mean she has major hits like Come Clean, So Yesterday and Why Not to top with her new music. Although it’ll definitely be frustrating to wait even longer for this much-anticipated album, in the end I know it’ll be worth it.

If Lizzie McGuire was able to wait her entire middle school career before breaking out of her shell to become a singing sensation in Italy, we can all wait a few more months to listen to some music.