'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Nude Scene Gets the Gre

Lena Headey finally has permission to go naked through the streets of Croatia. Also, SPOILER ALERT: Lena Headey is going to be super naked in Game Of Thrones Season 5, which surprises no one because GOT is one of the most naked shows on TV. Initially, the Croatian church where GOT was being filmed objected to a crucial Season 5 nude scene, as churches are wont to do, due to its policy that prohibits any displays of sexuality.

It looked like yet another essential moment from the Game Of Thrones book series was going to be cut, which would have been disappointed to fans and would have delayed production, but luckily the church has finally come around, kind of. TMZ reports that the Croatian Film Commission has decided that Headey now has permission to roam around Dubrovik topless, just as long as she doesn't enter any churches, which seems like a fair compromise, though it makes you wonder why a church would agree to let GOT film a nude scene there in the first place given their strict anti-boob policy. The scene will now be filmed inside a fake church set, and production on Season 5 is moving forward as planned, and Dubrovik's Church of Saint Nicholas officials are probably secretly binge-watching GOT right now.

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