Watch 'Guardians of the Galaxy's Karen Gillan Get Her Hair Shaved Off to Play Nebula — VIDEO


It's been over a year since Karen Gillan debuted her shaved head at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, but that doesn't mean the hacking off of her epic locks has become irrelevant. In fact, Guardians Of the Galaxy is officially movie of the summer — some would argue movie of the year — and that's being reflected in the release (finally) of a video chronicling Gillan's big chop.

Gillan's hair was previously pretty epic, so it'd be understandable if she pulled a Shailene Woodley and got a little teary when called to get rid of it all for a role. Gillan seems relatively calm, though, in the video uploaded to her Vimeo page — if a little baffled. Perhaps she was calmed (or perhaps it just baffled her further) that her hair's fate lie on the set of Star Wars for some unknown use? As she told Collider back in April:

Who wouldn't be a good sport for Star Wars?

And here's a flashforward-flashbackward to Gillan unveiling her bald head at Comic-Con:

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Image: Vimeo