Hellman’s “Burger Selfie” Summer Hack Lets You Eat Your Own Face in Mayo

It seems like we’re 3D printing just about everything these days, from makeup to sex toys; as such, it’s only to be expected that someone would figure out how to 3D print “burger selfies.” Luckily for us, that “someone” is Hellman’s — so hey, if you ever wanted to eat your own face without actually, y’know, eating your own face, good news! Now you can!

What exactly is a “burger selfie?” It’s a picture of your face drawn on a burger in mayo with the help of a robotic 3D printer arm. As part of a summer campaign (which is sadly wrapping up — how is it September already?), ad agency Ogilvy UK created the edible marvel for Hellman’s Mayonnaise. Here’s how it works: First, you get your picture taken; then, that picture gets synced up with some specific software. From there, the information goes to the 3D printer, which then doodles your likeness on a burger using mayo as its medium. Yum, right?

The video isn’t hot-off-the-presses new — it actually dropped at the end of July — but it’s making the rounds again, probably because “Labor Day Weekend” is synonymous with “backyard BBQ.” Not only that, but it turns out Hellman’s has been releasing fun little “summer hack” videos all summer long. Here, take a look at the burger selfies in action:

What’s that? You want to make a bunch of solar lantern jars so you can pretend you're surrounded by fairies and fireflies? Here you go:

How about a DJ-powered grill so you can eat your music? That’s here, too:

There’s even a grill so tiny you can take it with you wherever you go:

I don’t know about you, but to me, these all seem like excellent ways to send the summer out with a bang. I also can’t help but wonder what might be next in the food selfies industry: Pizza? Sandwiches? Pancakes? The possibilities are endless!

Image: D&S Media Group/YouTube