Rihanna's Back On IG In a Bikini

Rihanna ditched Instagram earlier this year, due to issues with a full-frontal nipple photo that she posted. Fashionistas were devastated, since Rihanna's Instagram feed offered a steady stream of fashion ideas and style inspiration. Rihanna has not returned to Instagram; in fact, she has blasted any accounts bearing her name as impostors, insisting that she has not re-activated her dormant account.

Rihanna has been posting lots of pics on Twitter instead. The Good Girl Gone Bad did, however, make a few cameos on a friend's IG feed this weekend, which spurred feelings of intense elation. It was like, "Yay! She's back... but not really! Let me see what she's wearing!"

Of course Rihanna was inspiring and influencing fashion even in four all-too-brief, 15-second videos, shaking her thing and demonstrating how you appropriately accessorize a barely-there bikini.

RiRi's fake septum piercing made a comeback and she layered several long necklaces with her nude bikini, which showed off lots and lots of sideboob. It's as exciting to see her go casual or rocking vacay attire on a yacht as it is to check out some of Rihanna's glam outfits and fashion sense, all of which combined came together to earn her the 2014 CFDA Award.

Even her nude-hued bikini top had cut-outs and was strappy. It mixed well with several strands of necklaces, of all different lengths, calling attention to her cleavage and her tattoos. Notice the loads of chunky rings and bracelets, too. RiRi wasn't wearing much in the way of clothes, but she was well-accessorized.

I am loving those cut-outs. It was a new, fresh, and totally RiRi way to wear a triangle bikini top. It looked to have some decent support, too. I must have watch the clips like three or four times to get a good look at her accessories. Seriously.

There's some turquoise in her jewelry and a blunt, of course.

Once again, I'm totally stunned by RiRi's natural beauty, especially in slow mo.

Videos: mdollas11/Instagram