What's Ollie Doing in Hong Kong?

From what we know so far, Season 3 of Arrow is shaping up quite nicely. A new promo was released earlier this week, but you guys, there are other things to discuss besides Oliver and Felicity's kiss. Because we still have some questions lingering from last season, like what's up with Oliver being in Hong Kong? And how did Amanda Waller get there? At Comic-Con it was confirmed that we will get to see Oliver in Hong Kong, so hopefully we'll get some answers.

In case you've forgotten since May, the Season 2 finale found Ollie waking up (badly bruised and shirtless, as usual) in a strange room, only to be greeted by Waller. Hold up, didn't we just watch her not level Starling City, thanks to Diggle? Yes, this is a few years in the past, but still, what was she doing in Hong Kong, let alone with Oliver? "We have a lot to discuss," she told him, as Ollie climbed into a mysterious car and looked up at the skyline. Then the season ended and we began the long painful wait for new episodes.

Hong Kong should essentially function as Oliver's next Island, flashback-wise, so expect lots of bad guys, some crime-fighting mentors, and more opportunities for Oliver to take his shirt off (probably). The story on the Island had run its course — for the time being. At some point, Oliver has to return to the Island, because as far as anyone else knows, he spent all five years trapped there. Heck, Oliver could travel all over the world because everyone assumes he's dead. Anyone else think there's a chance he might end up back in Starling City during those five years?

This is also the time where Oliver learns to fly a plane, and that is both exciting and terrifying. I imagine he will fly a plane the same way Indiana Jones flies a plane, with the motto of, "Fly, yes. Land, no." But, more importantly, why will he be flying a plane?

Maybe the answer lies with Waller. She's pretty prevalent in the DC comics universe, but — twist! — has been both a hero and a villain. So far on the show we've only seen her use her human powers for good, like that time she didn't drop a bomb on Starling City. Still, she's the leader of the Suicide Squad (though she does everything from the sidelines) and is currently the head of A.R.G.U.S., so who knows what other tricks she has up her sleeve. In the comics, she's nicknamed "The Wall" because nothing can get past her. Right now, she's got Ollie in her clutch overseas, so what exactly is she going to do with him? I have a feeling that she'll turn out to be one of the Big Bads for the season. Just like with Slade, we'll see how her interactions with Oliver in both Hong Kong and Starling City have shaped our favorite hooded hero.

What we do know for sure about Hong Kong is that one of Oliver's mentors has already been cast. Deadline announced last week that Rila Fukushima landed the role of Katana and will appear in the flashbacks. (Remember Rila? She was the girl in The Wolverine, you know, that movie we all agreed was much better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so she's coming to this role with a pretty good resume). Katana is a fully trained warrior, and maybe she's also a pretty good pilot. Just like with those flashbacks on the Island, Hong Kong will help to shape Oliver as a person, in both good and bad ways. Hopefully he won't come across anyone quite like Slade, but you never know. Maybe Waller is the new Slade.

Is it Oct. 8 yet?

Image: smoakandarrow/tumblr