Lauren Conrad's Bridal Shower Is a Pinterest Dream

Former The Hills star turned wisecracking businesswoman Lauren Conrad finally had her bridal shower this past weekend after what seemed like ages of Pinterest planning, and, true to form, it looked absolutely lovely. Would we expect any less from the stylish DIY queen herself? And, like any good samaritan who has as adorable taste as she does, Conrad posted the pictures to her Instagram for the rest of us to marvel at/wish we had more money so we could have just as aesthetically pleasing of a life as she does.

The first, which is of personalized napkins that state "Almost Mrs. Tell" — because, of course, Conrad's fiancé is William Tell — is captioned, "Thank you to my amazing friends and family for the best shower ever! #tellmeyouloveme." The second, which is of an adorable place setting, is captioned, "Thank you to @dishwishgirl for making my shower so lovely!" One additional photo from said @dishwishgirl's profile shows Conrad's bridal shower look, which is a simple-yet-elegant white dress accessorized with a skinny white headband. Ugh. Everything is so beautiful.

You can check out the photos in all their glory below. Though the wedding date hasn't been released just yet, it seems like Conrad and Tell are planning to tie the knot soon — and I don't know about you, but I need those photos, like, yesterday.

Images: laurenconrad/Instagram (2); dishwishgirl/Instagram