Did Jennie Garth Really Audition For 'Saved By The Bell'? It Looks Like Lifetime Got Something Right

In a sea of '90s-actors impersonators (fake Mark-Paul Gosselaar with bad hair! Fake Dustin Diamond with an eerily similar voice to the real one! Fake Mario Lopez oozing an uncomfortably inordinate amount of testosterone for a preteen!), it seemed questionable whether we'd actually learn something that was even remotely real during Lifetime's The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story . But the "#unauthorized" watermark on the bottom of the screen is merely deceptive because we have learned something — Jennie Garth auditioned for Saved By The Bell in its nascent stage! Say what? Is this real? Sure, the casting directors ditched her headshot when they met the fake Tiffani Amberi Theissan, but is this just a Lifetime ploy or a real factoid?

Let's freeze time a la Zack Morris. Survey says... yes! OK! informed us that Jennie Garth did audition for Saved By The Bell back when it was first starting out, and guess what? Garth auditioned to take on the role of Kelly Kapowski, The Reigning Queen of The Scrunchie, and lost it to Tiffani Amber Thiessan. Garth didn't hold a grudge against Thiessan or anything (how can you have hard feelings if you starred on 90210!?) — they actually became BFFs for awhile, and then they had a falling out, as many a teenage girl has experienced with a former BFF.

So, there you have it: a real fact brought to you by an impersonator. IT CAN HAPPEN... all thanks to the power of Zack Morris.