Chris Argent Might Die On 'Teen Wolf' But Parrish Won't Let Him Give Up

Guys, I'm genuinely afraid that the next death on MTV's Teen Wolf will not only be another member of the Argent family, but the one who's not horrible or supernatural. That's right, if we're to assume the worst from Monday night's episode "A Promise to the Dead," Chris Argent could die thanks to Peter Hale. Dammit Peter! In the episode, Chris successfully tracked his sister Kate to her underground hideout and encountered a different supernatural creature. Peter Hale ran into Chris at the hideout and lied that he found the villainous lair by tracking Kate and her berserkers' scent. But everyone except Chris knew this was totally inaccurate, as Peter found Kate a long time ago and started a plan to kill Scott in this very underground hideout. Before Chris could go searching for his sister, who was nowhere to be found, Peter set one of Kate's berserkers on Chris, then stabbed him with a rusty rod and thrust him into a wall so he could not escape the inevitable death.

Why Peter? Why? Haven't the Argents been through enough? Chris continued to lose blood throughout the episode, but finally a savior in the form of a mysterious supernatural creature/sheriff's deputy showed up. Jordan Parrish apparently had been tracking Peter ever since he found out that his comatose thoughts brainwashed Meredith into becoming the Benefactor. Jordan finds Chris Argent and tries to get him out of the wall and off of the rod protruding out of his body.

Problem is, Chris Argent didn't seem to have any interest in being saved. In fact he tells Jordan "I have nothing. I have nothing left." I see where Papa Argent is coming from. Not only did he lose his wife and daughter, but his sister crossed over into the dark side, and let's not even bring up the monstrosity that was Gerard. It makes sense that Chris believes he has no one left in his life that is worth living for, but he's wrong. He's become Scott's makeshift father in a way — despite Scott having a father in the form of FBI Agent McCall — and the wolf pack looks to him for support. He and Derek have even become close since the first season when they were hellbent on hunting/possibly killing each other.

But Jordan doesn't allow Chris to wallow. He says that even though he doesn't know much about Chris' life and what he's been through, he was told about some of it from Lydia. He knows about how much Allison cared for Scott, and if Allison were still alive, she'd be determined to fight for him.

That sets off a fire in Chris' heart to muster as much strength as he can to help Parrish get him out of the wall. But "A Promise to the Dead" ended without giving viewers the comfort in knowing that Chris is alive. There hasn't been a death in a few episodes now and Chris' chances normally wouldn't be that great. But this is Teen Wolf, miracles and even crazier things happen every day.

Images: MTV; seaquell, teenwolf/Tumblr