Kristin Chenoweth Has Brown Hair Now After Rocking A Short, Blonde Pixie Just Weeks Ago Because Magic (And Extensions)

For a long time, Kristin Chenoweth was known for her long, blonde layers, but she ditched those last fall in favor of a short, feature-spotlighting pixie. Several celebs, including the always long hair-wearing Jennifer Lopez, inspired Chenoweth to chop off her hair. Now, she's switching up her look again: Kristin Chenoweth has long, brown hair as of late, if a Twitter photo she posted over the weekend is any indication.

While Chenoweth has been dealing with a mysterious medical issue as of late, she still seems in great spirits and looks gorgeous. Since the singer and actress is so petite and pretty, she easily pulled off the high-risk yet high-reward pixie. Well, fast forward nearly a year and the Chenoweth is rocking much longer locks in a darker hue.

Celebs have glam squads and style armies at their disposal, so it's easy for Chenoweth to totally change her look whenever she so pleases.

The loose waves are effortless and the ombre color works for her, especially since autumn is upon us and warmer, richer hues will soon reign supreme. It's a lovely change from the bright blonde we're used to with the tiny powerhouse. She looks to be getting an assist from extensions, since her hair is much, much longer than what she has recently been pumping.

That said, this swap should be a bit of a warning for those of you who look to celebs for inspiration when it comes to your hair. Chenoweth chopped her locks almost a year ago, so this isn't really a case of short hair remorse, since she didn't immediately go long, plenty of time has elapsed, and she has been seen growing out the pixie with a head-hugging bob as of late.

But it's worth nothing that overall, celebs like Chenoweth never have to deal with short hair remorse, since they can easily and quickly resort to extensions. Yes, extensions can wreak havoc on strands, but if a starlet follows the advice of a fellow celeb, goes for the chop, and then decides she hates shorter hair, she doesn't have to endure any sort of grueling waiting period as it grows back. Sadly, not everyone can afford pricey synthetic hair additions. Plus, swallowing fistfuls of vitamins generally doesn't provide as fast of a hair-growing result as we would generally hope for.

So, the moral of the story isn't don't be so quick to copy a celeb short hairstyle unless you are totally mentally prepared to get snipped and live with it. If you do go under the scissors, there are plenty of ways to get over short hair regret.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's the early version of Chenoweth's chop.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is how it looked from the back. It was snazzy and stylish.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These are the golden locks we were used to, pre-chop! Kudos to her for not going back to a totally familiar look. The light chocolate hue is aces and makes her stand out.

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