4 Short Hair Styling Ideas That Will Help You Get Over Any 'Chop Regret' You're Suffering From

Kristen Stewart chopped off her thick, wavy, and currently orangish hair into a not-quite-mullet-y shag, one that isn't completely dissimilar to the coif she had when she played Joan Jett in the movie The Runaways. I wonder if she loves it. Or if she hates it. Maybe she regrets it. Those are normal emotions any woman will feel when she makes a huge change and goes short.

The actress has followed the summer hair lead of the continuously cutting Kaley Cuoco, Kate Mara, and Emma Roberts, who all went the short and shortish route.

I gotta admit that I do not love K. Stew's hack job, but maybe she does. You never can tell with her, since she always looks miserable on red carpets, despite being thermonuclear in her hotness and the fact that designers clamor to dress her in their edgy wares.

That said, perhaps she doesn't dig her new 'do. Maybe she secretly hates it and thinks she made a mistake, which we'd be able to glean if/when she shows up somewhere in a few days with magically long hair, courtesy of extensions. That happens all the time in Hollywood. I am looking at you, Jennifer Aniston, who has often said that she regrets a short chop the minute the strands hit the cutting room floor, literally. Her longtime stylist Chris McMillan confirmed that his famous client struggles when she goes short.

K. Stew and crew might inspire you to do a chop and to go short, which is fun and flirty for summer. But once you cut it off, you might experience instant remorse and regret, and you can't get it back quickly, like, say, Aniston, who can easily have McMillan weave extensions in, creating the illusion of length. If you hack off your hair and hate it, you and your wallet are probably going to have to learn to live with it. Quick fixes ain't cheap.

But there is no need to lose your shit, go hat shopping, or frustratedly tug at what's left if you've gotten a short cut and find yourself asking, "WTF was I thinking? This sucks."

These are some tips, practical or not, for successfully getting over chop regret, which will help you navigate and survive a short haircut that didn't go exactly as according to plan.

1. Get Extensions

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It'll cost you, requires a bit of maintenance, and may lead to further damage, but if looking in the mirror is making you hysterically cry every morning, just take the extension plunge. I don't recommend store-bought fake hair. Go to the stylist and have them woven in so they look real. Problem solved, but with some bank account debiting. Aniston went chin-length in November of last year, but already has much longer locks so I'm thinking she got some a wee bit of help from extensions.

2. Learn to Love It

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A positive mental attitude can and will help. I know, chop regret sucks. If you hate the result, there's not much else you can do but learn to love it. Accept that it's just hair, develop some patience, realize that it will grow back in time, enjoy the fact that you don't have to blow dry it for 20 minutes every day, that short hair is sexy, and that it's JUST hair. Use Cuoco, looking so '60s with her pixie and winged eyeliner, as inspiration. Does she look unhappy? No! She looks like she loves her new 'do. If you wear a smile, it'll brighten up your whole face and maybe help you love a shorter look. Try it!

3. Play With Styles

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Grab a stack of fashion magazines and scour them for short hair looks. Play with styles. Experiment. Stock up on product, like pomades and waxes, so you can punkify and chunk out your look. Wear it sleek and straight the next day. Depending on how short you've gone and your texture, you have a lot of wash, toss, and go options. So why not take advantage of them while you have the shorter strands? Emma Roberts, pictured above, is owning her shorter hair. She's sexy with a deep side part and she has even rocked a middle part with her shorter cut. Use these celebs as inspiration.

4. Have Fun With Wigs

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No, I'm not kidding. Before I got bangs, I went to a wig store and tried on wigs with bangs to see if I liked it. Why not grab a wig so you can go short one day, longer the next? Or experiment with a new color. If you get bored with short locks, throw on the wig. Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry do it all the time. I know you're probably not a pop star with a bottomless reserve of cash, but YOLO. Seriously. Not having a lot of bulk will allow a wig to fit snug on your head. Why not make the best of it?

Not feeling it? Well, consider this. You probably look at lot better with short hair than you think.

Images: Chris McMillan/Instagram, Getty Images