What Has 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Laura-Leigh Been Up To? She's Actually Still an Actress

If you're anything like me, you saw Bravo's Vanderpump Rules as a beautiful orchestration of chaos, attractive people, and a little Pomeranian thrown into one reality show that reminded you of the good old reality TV days, when Lauren Conrad was still on MTV. The show caused me to wonder if Lisa Vanderpump's staff at Sur was just an anomaly in the restaurant business, or if all restaurant staffs had such dramatic personal lives that intertwined with their jobs. And with Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules on the horizon, you can't help but wonder what the cast will be serving up this this season. (See what I did there?)

One stand out of Vanderpump Rules, for me, was Laura-Leigh. You remember her, right? She was Jax Taylor's girlfriend (?) after he and Stassi broke up in Season 1. Jax broke up with her minutes after a 12-step meeting where she admitted to being addicted to meth and alcohol. If that doesn't do it, you might remember her and Jax getting caught having sex in the Sur bathroom, and although I've never worked in the restaurant business, I assume that is a big no-no.

We last saw Laura-Leigh during Season 1, when she learned that she had just booked a Jennifer Aniston movie, which turned out to be We're the Millers. Laura-Leigh played "Kymberly" — an eager stripper with a bright future — or as her tattoo/coworkers so affectionately called her, "Boner Garage." It seemed like Laura-Leigh thought this could be her big break, but was it? Check out what she has been up to since she left Sur.

Image: Bravo

She's in a New Movie with Jenny McCarthy

Laura-Leigh will be in a new movie called Tooken (2015) — which I think is supposed to be the incorrect form of that past tense of “take” — where she will play “Kim Millers” (a fun name hybrid of her role in We’re the Millers). The movie’s poster seems to be about a dog that was “tooken” and it reads “I don’t know who you are, but if you don’t let my dog go, I will find you, I will neuter you.” So it seems like a really promising movie. Laura-Leigh is billed pretty high in the IMDB cast list, so her role may possibly be more than a few lines. Possibly. Side note: Akon is in the movie too.

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She's Been Writing her Own Poetry

Laura-Leigh isn’t just an actress, but a poet as well. Here she posted a poem on her Twitter account about growing up and fear. I’m not sure if she’s the next Poet Laureate, but it’s nice to see her share her creativity through other outlets beyond acting.

Image: Laura-Leigh /Twitter

She was on 'Let's Make a Deal'

Not sure if this was an acting job or not — but if it was, all my dreams of Let’s Make a Deal being real have been crushed. It’s possible she is just a really big Wayne Brady fan, but aren’t we all?

Image: CBS

She Was in a Bunch of Episodes of 'The Client List'

Look, maybe her role in We’re the Millers was so short you might have missed it, but Laura-Leigh actually had a successful run as a recurring character in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Client List — which is no longer on air. Laura-Leigh played Nikki Shannon, a new masseuse at The Rub, for 15 episodes of the two-season series.

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She's Still Single

Ugh dating, am I right? While whoever the “chef” was didn’t turn out to be too great of a potential boyfriend, I can’t believe he was any worse than Jax.

Image: Laura-Leigh /Twitter