We Know What's Coming, Just Not Exactly When

Vanderpump Rules isn't just Bravo's only good, non-wedding themed spinoff, but also it's only successful show about 20-somethings. It's coming up on nine months since we last checked in with Jax, Stassi, and the rest of the Vanderpump Rules Villa Blanca staff. We already know some of the storylines we can expect, we just don't know exactly when to expect them, since Vanderpump Rules Season 3 doesn't have a premiere date yet.

Scheana Marie's July wedding will likely be a part of the next season, as will the return of Stassi Schroeder after her move to New York at the end of Season 2. Since Stassi and her boyfriend Patrick Meagher seem to be going strong, there shouldn't be any rekindled romance between Stassi and Jax. But Jax is a career man now — he started a line of sweaters and shoes, proving that if you want to sponsor a product, all you need to do is use it once. And be a minor character on a reasonably popular reality series.

If you're wondering just when you can expect to see all of this on your TV, there are a couple of possibilities. The safe, expected answer is that we'll get Vanderpump Rules alongside Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5. It'll probably air right after RHOBH at 10 p.m. through the first half of 2015, since Real Housewives just started shooting in the last month or so. The two are such natural timeslot partners that I'm sure a forced crossover episode from the beginning of RHOBH and end of VR will be enough for Bravo to paste them together for the winter. It's not like the weather (or storyline) changes enough that people who aren't eagle-eyed fans will notice.

But, here's a less predictable prediction: what if Vanderpump Rules is planned as the lead-in for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? What if the events of Vanderpump directly lead into the first big party of the Housewives season? It's unlikely, given that in order to air a 17-episode season like last year, they'd need to premiere in October and the show just wrapped days ago. But what fall shows does Bravo have? Top Chef always starts in October-ish, as it will this year, and Million Dollar Listing: LA will be bleeding over into fall as well.

All we have are Real Housewives of New Jersey and a bunch of soon-to-be cancelled summer shows, like Jersey Belle and Extreme Guide to Parenting. An early, rather than super late, start for Vanderpump Rules could mean a ratings boost for Bravo and a place to advertise RHOBH where the target audience will be watching/DVRing. Something to think about, Bravo.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo; Giphy