Jennifer Lawrence Naked Photos iCloud Leak was Predicted by Louis CK Before it Happened — VIDEO

Louis C.K. is excellent when it comes to saying what's true in a dark and funny way, so we shouldn't be too surprised to learn that he has thoughts on the enigmatic recent life-ruiner that is the iCloud. The iCloud has recently taken some heat (and rightfully so), given the recent photo leak scandal, in which nude photos of hundreds of female celebs, including Jennifer Lawrence, were leaked on the image-sharing site 4Chan. While BBC has reported that the FBI is investigating the leak and its alleged source, the iCloud, we can sit at least listen to Louis C.K.'s thoughts about the iCloud, which he spoke about with Jimmy Kimmel back in 2013 — it will at least confirm your feelings about the iCloud, and probably ascertain your weariness.

Louis C.K. jokes about how the iCloud is in of itself a kind of shady entity. It essentially tells you to give it your stuff under the guise that you should trust it. But why should you trust such an elusive technological beast? makes things smaller. And isn't that what we're all after? Size? Making everything smaller? (Answer: No! Not really! Give us security, please!)

Louis C.K.'s riff on this piece of technology seems incredibly potent given what's been going on. It's like he knew stuff like the photo leak iCould — and would — happen! You can check it out below.