Britney Spears' 8 Most Empowering Songs To Help The Singer Get Over Her Break Up — VIDEOS

Britney "Queen of Pop" Jean Spears was cheated on. I repeat, SOMEONE *cough* David Lucado *cough* was actually stupid enough to betray Brit Brit and think he was going to get away with it. A classic and utterly foolish mistake, because as Us Weekly explains, not only did did Britney Spears (and the world) indeed find out, she bravely chatted about it with her concert goers. But don't feel too bad for the eternally wonderful Mickey Mouse Club alum, because she seems to be handling it fairly well, considering.

But, just because she's taking being cheated on by her significant other like a real bad ass, doesn't mean she isn't grieving a little, too. While she may appear to be larger than life, doesn't actually mean she is. She's a human with feelings, just like the rest of us mere peasants. See? Trying to get over your skeezy ex is totally universal, no matter how much money you have or how many times your name may come up in a Google search. We can all delight in hating cheaters together. And, subsequently, uplifting those who are going through a rough time because of said cheaters.

So, the best way to get over any break up is to listen to the right music. You know, after all the depressing ones you've cried to in the dark. But for Britney, maybe listening to some of her own tunes may be the real ticket in cheering up and soldiering on.

Here's some classic Britney to help her get over the break up:


This song is a universal breakup anthem.


Okay, sometimes you feel a little mushy. It's allowed and necessary in getting over it.


Breaking up with your boyfriend and your mom is oddly similar...


For that wild night before that first date she was talking about.


In honor of how coolly outspoken she's been on the issue.


Don't mess with Britney.


I bet you forgot about this song, didn't you? I didn't. You're welcome.


Well, duh.