CeeLo Green's 'The Good Life' Reality Show is Canceled & It Couldn't Have Happened at a Better Time

Right about now, CeeLo Green probably regrets the day he decided to use his voice for something other than performing and judging a singing competition. Per The Hollywood Reporter, TBS has canceled Green's reality show The Good Life. Although sources say low ratings are to blame, considering the firestorm caused by Green's tweets about the definition of rape, it's hard to believe that his comments aren't somehow related to this decision, particularly because a petition surfaced that called for the show's cancellation. If in fact, it was simply based on the show's performance and the timing is purely coincidental, the network probably would've eventually been forced to take similar action or run the risk of coming off as dismissive as Green's incendiary remarks.

In the wake of the incident, Green initially apologized, saying that his tweets were "taken so far out of context," which only led him to join the list of other celebs who have deleted their Twitter altogether. But unlike some of the more trivial reasons that chased other famous folks away from the Twitterverse, Green's shit and step in it approach was certainly reason enough for him to hit the delete button on his social media account. That may sound like an underwhelming, cowardly response to the fallout, but at this point, I doubt there's anything he can say or do to bring resolve to the situation. Green's views are extremely upsetting to say the least, so thankfully someone had the presence of mind to step in and halt his so-called efforts to engage in a "healthy exchange" in order to "heal" anyone from further pain. Yuck.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Green's statements were completely baffling, and his defense of those comments was totally inexcusable. Perhaps in addition to the low ratings, TBS quickly realized how baffling and inexcusable it would've been to allow Green's reality show to remain on the air.