Is anyone surprised by this news?

In news that didn't shock anyone, anywhere, it was announced that Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and the woman he likes a lot, Nikki Ferrell, are going to be back on our televisions once again. And no, they aren't getting married on ABC for all to watch and ooh and ahh over, are you crazy? That won't happen for a while, if JP has anything to say about it. No, Galavis and Ferrell are heading to VH1's Couples Therapy , but does that really surprise you?

Season 5 of Couples Therapy, which is set to premiere on September 10, features a group of "celebrity couples" that are either going through marital/ relationship problems, or as they most likely bill it, "need to improve on communication." They'll be working with Dr. Jenn, who, if you don't know, doesn't stand for anyone's crap. So you can imagine that there are going to be so many great interactions between Dr. Jenn and JP during therapy sessions. I can't wait to see how Galavis is going to react when someone calls him on his bullshit, although if his interaction with Chris Harrison was any indication, it's not going to be pretty.

And that is going to be marvelous. I seriously can NOT wait to see how this goes down. I have to be honest, although I really hated Galavis during his season — with the slut-shaming, and homophobic comments — I really reveled in the moments where JP looked like a real ass on television. So VH1, thank you for this gift of being able to watch Galavis put his foot in his mouth once again (and again). In the "Meet the Couple" video where Galavis and Ferrell introduce themselves and their issues, you can already tell that they're going to maybe need to stay on for a few seasons.

So what are they going to need to work through? Here are my guesses:

  • JP's lack of "I love you"
  • JP's lack of seeing a future in saying "I love you"
  • Nikki's feeling that she needs to defend his lack of "I love you"
  • The fact that Nikki is on "the right track" of being "the one"
  • JP's use of "ees okay"

Okay, maybe Dr. Jenn can't help with the last one, but a girl can dream can't she?

Season 5 of Couples Therapy begins on September 10 on VH1 at 9 p.m. But be warned: you're going to hear how much Galavis "likes" Ferrell, because he "likes" her.

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