Carolina Herrera Says New Yorkers Have "Horrendous" Style, But, I'm Sorry, We Beg To Differ

When someone mentions "the most stylish city in the world," it's fair to say that most everyone is in agreement that they're referring to New York City. Home to many of the world's biggest fashion brands and names, New York Fashion Week, and basically half of the world's most well-known style stars/fashionable celebrities/fashion bloggers... NYC is debatably the fashion capital of the world. However, not all designers seem to agree. According to Page Six, Carolina Herrera thinks New Yorkers have "horrendous style," and named certain styles (namely, crop tops) that women of a certain age, body type, or personality (really) just shouldn't be wearing. Alright, raise your hand if you're annoyed too.

Herrera's comments appeared in a interview in Haute Living's September issue, and she didn't stop at just a passing comment criticizing the style of New Yorkers. The famous designer had more than a few thoughts on the matter.

“If you look at the people walking around the streets of New York at this moment, it is horrendous," Herrera said. “I have never seen people so badly dressed in my life! It’s amazing the way they look! I don’t know why … I don’t know what’s going on … but it’s really, really bad.”

Tell us how you really feel, Carolina. Sheesh.

The designer, who has dressed stars from Sandra Bullock to Michelle Obama, noted that many women are simply not dressing appropriately for their body type... or personality. Sigh. Here we go with the shaming.

“I was sitting in traffic this morning looking at the people on the street, and I thought … ‘What’s going on here?’ Everybody is wearing the wrong clothes. Proportion is very important, Herrera said. "Wear clothes that are flattering to your figure and appropriate for your personality.”

As much respect and admiration as I have for Herrera as an icon in the fashion world, it's hard not to be a little angered by what she's saying. Here I have this image of designer-dressed Herrera sitting in the backseat of her chaffeur-driven car, peering out of tinted windows, and criticizing the people of New York as they walk by to everyday jobs, families, and everything in between.

First of all, what does dressing appropriately for your personality really look like exactly? Speaking for myself, one day I may feel like doing nothing but drinking red wine and checking my horoscope, while the next I just want to read Sylvia Plath and become a raw vegan. Some days it's both. No one's personality is stagnant. How is one to dress appropriately for that?

And in terms of dressing appropriately for your figure, well we've all heard this argument before, now haven't we. From "fat girls can't wear that" to encouraging fuller-figure women to wear one pieces instead of bikinis (lame), the stream of dressing for your body-type rules is endless. Do we really need one more fashion voice emphasizing what we should and shouldn't be wearing because of our body types? I vote no.

And one more thing. New York is one of the largest cities in the world. It is home to over eight million people, all from different places in the world, all of different cultures, backgrounds, and families. What makes New York what it is is the combination of those people. If all of them dressed in textbook "flattering," head-to-toe, Carolina Herrera-approved outfits, the city would be pretty boring. And it wouldn't be New York, that's for sure.

Just in case Herrera's comments still had you doubting the power of New York style, and the wonderful ability of anyone to pull of anything they want to — from plus-sized bloggers, to celebrity street style, here's some examples of fabulous New York style. I rest my case.

Oh, and about crop tops...

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