11 Photos Of Ariana Grande That Look NOTHING Like Ariana Grande Because She Had A Life Before That Half-Up Ponytail

Ariana Grande is pretty popular these days. And even though I wouldn't consider myself a mega fan or anything, there is one thing about Miss Grande that I am pretty aware of: That. Hair. Oh, and that she has a new, celebrity boyfriend. What can I say? I keep up with hard news stories. Even if, like me, you're not as familiar with Ariana Grande as other stars, it's safe to say that soon we all will be; she's only getting more and more popular.

But there was a time for Ariana Grande before her hit songs, famous hair, and cool boyfriend. And there are photos from that time, and you will not recognize the "Problem" singer without her signature half up ponytail, that's for sure. Here are 11 examples of times Ariana Grande looked... well, nothing like Ariana Grande.

That Time She Was On Broadway

In case you didn’t know, Ariana used to be on Broadway. Surprise!

Image: @emmakozinn/Twitter

That Time She Had Curly Had

Yes, she existed minus the giant ponytail. I am shocked as well.

Image: @wheresringwaldo/Twitter

That Time She Wore Jeans

This is the same person.

Image: @wheresringwaldo/Twitter

That Time She Posed At The Stage Door


Image: @arigrandolphin/Twitter

That Time We Wanted To Pinch Her Cheeks

Cannot handle the adorableness.

Image: @phanxariana/Twitter

That Time She Went To The Mall

Shopping and being fabulous while still a pre-teen. No big deal.

Image: @arianafactsforu/Twitter

That Time She Did Denim

Ok, the jean jacket is cute.

Image: @frandiectioner/Twitter

That Time She Wore Pigtails

And then there’s this.

Image: @ohsnapitzeman/Twitter

That Time She Turned 13


Image: @arianasmeaw/Twitter

That Time She Sang In Space (Maybe)

Look, it’s a little baby Ariana Grande singing from the international space station. Am I the only one who gets that vibe? Yeah? Ok.

Image: @tealaismylife/Twitter

That Time She Was In A Yearbook

Yup, Ariana Grande went to school too.

Image: @OSnapitzGomezz/Twitter