Frankie Grande & Double Eviction Are a Recipe For Destruction On Thursday's 'Big Brother'

Another week, another eviction for Big Brother. Oh wait, that's right, there's a double eviction this week, which if the first double eviction this season on Big Brother was any indication of Thursday's, it is sure to leave us saying, "What the hell just happened!?!?!" And just like the first double eviction, it seems that current enemy of the state Frankie Grande could be the target for the second half of the episode. And this time, it could be his alliance coming after him.

Yes, you read that correctly: Frankie's alliance could be targeting him to leave during the double eviction on Thursday, which would probably make anti-Frankie America very happy. But it's worth noting that sometimes the Derrick-Cody-Caleb group is all talk and no game, which makes for a very boring show, so let's hope this time they aren't just saying these things for fun, but actually intend on acting on their words. And while their reasons of evicting Frankie aren't the same reasons America would like to evict Frankie, they're good enough for me, because at this point, I just want to make sure that Frankie is as far away from the $500,000 as possible.

On Tuesday night, a lot of the houseguests spent time going over scenarios of who they would target if this Thursday was a double eviction — which again, it is. Here's where each of them stand on who they would target after Nicole (is most likely) the first one evicted from the house.


Christine has been very vocal — at least to the cameras, not necessarily to her fellow houseguests — about how much she wants to distance herself from Frankie. This would definitely be one way of creating that distance.


In probably the most game talk she's had all season, Victoria seems to know that Frankie needs to go to better her chances of winning (?). Then again, Victoria talks about how much she hates a lot of the people in the house, so it's kind of up in the air with her.

Cody & Derrick

To hear Cody and Derrick talking about evicting Frankie, you know that there is a serious possibility that Frankie could be leaving on Thursday. In a plot twist though, Cody talks about nominating Christine as a replacement, if the situation arises.

With all of this said, it seems that Victoria — the one that was intended to be the first out to secure the alliance the final five spot— could survive another (quick) week of evictions.

Images: CBS; Nedskalantar/Tumblr