This How To Pronounce Designer Names Video Arrives Just In Time To Remind Us Not To Take Fashion Week Too Seriously

There's always that one fashion person who insists on correcting how you every time you mispronounce "Givenchy" or "Louboutin." Ok, I will admit, that sometimes that person has been me (I am horrible). But what do I expect? Some fashion label names are just made to be mispronounced. I mean, how is it going to seem expensive and exclusive unless there is a massive amount of boring, normal people pronouncing the name of the designer incorrectly? How else will they weed out the peasants from the Kardashian-Wests of this world? Exactly. And in case you didn't already realize how ridiculous attempting to pronounce some designer names is, this YouTube video pretty much says it all.

Unlike many industries, sometimes the fashion world has a tough time making fun of itself. Designers and other style influencers often say silly things like "not everyone can pull off crop tops" or "this Native American headdress is totally fine for Coachella" — don't they deserve a little poking fun at? So in honor of Fashion Week, and the often absurd level of obsession we place upon brands and how to properly pronounce them, watch this video. Because you will laugh. And honestly, who pronounces Louboutin correctly anyway? Exactly.