'Pitch Perfect 2's Ben Platt Is Nervous for the Sequel & Here's Why We Can't Blame Him

Psyched for Pitch Perfect 2? The sequel is upon us — it's coming in May! It's less than a year away! The actors who are starring in it are pretty psyched, too, albeit a little nervous. Broadway star and Pitch Perfect actor Ben Platt expressed to The Hollywood Reporter that he's got some fears about Pitch Perfect — and he blames it on the aca-fans. The actor, who is also starring on Broadway in Book of Mormon (crazy talent!), said:

There’s a little bit more pressure because everyone knows what Pitch Perfect is [..] It’s as if we’re revisiting out first experience, but it’s been blown up and it’s kind of under a microscope in a certain way.

Well —he's right, in a way. Everyone is freaking out over seeing their favorite Barden Bellas and their cohorts reunite for some aca-mazing songs, and fas would be pretty pissed it the sequel turned out supbar. Fans have been dissecting tweets, photos, Instagrams — every little detail that could reveal something, in heavy anticipation for the movie. And what could be worse than the sequel totally sucking? Very few things. Sure, that feels totally far from plausible, given the stars' incredible talents, but you never know. For every Terminator 2: Judgment Day there's a Staying Alive.

So yes, Ben Platt, you are under a microscope, as you said — but don't let that pressure freak you out too much. Everyone is rooting for a kickass Pitch Perfect 2.