You Need to See This Behind-The-Scenes Sequel Pic

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just when you think you can't be any giddier over the upcoming sequel to the 2012 sleeper smash hit Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick goes and does something like this! The aca-star posted a photo on Instagram of her and her fellow Bellas having a late-night impromptu rehearsal and it looks like a total blast. Anna Kendrick along with her co-stars from the original film appear to be having an all-out gigglefest while standing in the middle of what appears to be Elton John's poolhouse (not actually confirmed). What the photo does tell us is that the cast are still super tight and the only thing that could be more fun than watching Pitch Perfect 2 is filming Pitch Perfect 2. Color us all jealous.

Next to the photo Kendrick commented, "Sunday's spontaneous late night rehearsal attempt. Love these girls, hate physical activity. #GallowsHumor#ItllBeGreatOnTheDay" The only thing that could make this picture even more perfect would be Freddie Stroma and his abs playing the piano behind our favorite leading ladies.

Even though we've already seen in a new promo shot that the fashion in Pitch Perfect 2 is as fierce as the women who wear them, it is at least nice to see that on their down time, they all dress like us on Friday nights in with our BFF's, Tami Taylor, and a lot of wine.

Oh Summer 2015, you can't come soon enough.

Image: AnnaKendrick47/Instagram