'Little Rascals' 20th Anniversary Reunion Puts All Other Cast Reunions to Shame — PHOTOS

There's something about a cast reunion that gets fans going. The idea of actors reuniting to recreate the beloved characters they are known for ignites a certain fangirlish giddyness for diehard fans. When two or more of the cast members of Mean Girls bump into each other and snap a selfie, the Internet is set aflame. Remember last year's planned Clueless reunion? Pure anarchy. So when nearly the entire cast of 1994's family-friendly Little Rascals got together to recreate some of the film's most iconic scenes, we couldn't wait to see the results.

In celebration of the movie's 20th anniversary, Alfalfa, Darla, Spanky and the rest of the gang gathered to put all other cast reunions to shame. Los Angeles production company 22 Vision asked the main cast members to come together (apparently Brittany Ashton Holmes, who played Darla, was the hardest to convince) for the special occasion — and they all said yes! While a few of the cast haven't acted since, many of the now grown-up boys and girls continue to act in film and television, or have taken on other careers entirely.

Check out the the amazing photo recreations below:

And see ALL of the photos here.

Images: 22 Vision