Will Smith Dancing On A Segway At Burning Man Gives Us Leonardo DiCaprio at Coachella Deja Vu — VIDEO

We as a society have now put some distance between that time Leonardo DiCaprio showed off his mad dance moves at Coachella and now. Now it's time for something just as A-list, just as delightfully surreal that kinda feels right: Will Smith at Burning Man dancing on a segway.

Maybe this is the new version of Celebrity Clue: Will Smith at Burning Man on a segway; DiCaprio with high kicks at Coachella; The Game Of Thrones cast with mad swag at Comic-Con; Benedict Cumberbatch with alcohol at the GQ Man Of the Year Awards. These celebrities and their wacky hijinks!

Like DiCaprio and his desert dance before him, Smith is wearing a mask while he revels, so there's always a doubt that it's actually him. But he's familiar regardless, and Smith did post a photo of himself on facebook wearing that exact mask, so...it's him. You can place your faith in this being Will Smith boogeying down in a choreographed dance in the desert during Burning Man. How these people came together to choreograph these segway funtimes remains somewhat of a mystery, but isn't that the supposed magic of Burning Man? They just felt like it, so it happened.

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