Dannijo's New Collection is #roadtrip Ready

by Tyler Atwood

Bohemian was the watchword at Dannijo's Spring 2015 jewelry presentation, but not the archetypal dusty and rustic kind the term immediately evokes. The road trip-themed collection recalls the freewheeling spirit of the Beatniks and the offbeat style of Coachella patrons, modernized to fit the brand's street style-obsessed target consumer. The new collection may be the chicest array of road trip accessories I've ever seen.

As a label, Dannijo refuses to engage in anything staid or expected, instead crafting modern, insouciant pieces for the girl who isn't afraid to step outside mainstream culture. The brand's notorious spirit came through in the collection's nod to costume jewelry, but a grittier edge kept wares from appearing too fussy. Intricate silver drop earrings embellished with chunky gems compete for attention with artful statement cuffs, and stacks of edgy rings are perfect for adorning one's digits.

In a particularly inspired stroke of genius, the design duo chose to showcase their collection with faded denim and pared-down makeup, enlivened only by a flash of cobalt shadow on models' lids. The Maybelline makeup used on models, the show's artist explained, was meant to showcase their natural beauty. As for hair, a road trip calls for utilitarian style, resulting in Redken-styled fishtail braids which were smoothed with a straightening iron for a sleeker effect.

Does the collection conjure images of a young, Fleetwood Mac-era Stevie Nicks? Absolutely. But the collection is ideal for anyone with a bit of bohemian spirit, even if you don't croon folksy love odes or drive aimlessly across the country in your spare time.

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Images: Getty Images