Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Are Closer To Divorce Than Jay Z & Beyonce But Be Careful What Rumors You Believe

This summer's been filled to the brim with rumors of the dissolution of the marriage of Beyonce and Jay Z, but as of late it's a different established power couple that's been plagued by the rumors. As time goes on it's seeming more and more likely that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's split might be the real deal, too: The most recent reports are saying Carey's "started the divorce process." That is, if

This report comes from an anonymous insider who talked to E! and purported to be close to the couple, so take all this with the usual mountainous grains of salt. According to E!, though, Carey's "getting all her ducks in a row," and are describing her part in this as "devastated when he spoke out about their issues."

Cannon's actually been calling out these kinds of "sources" on twitter of late, proclaiming his love for Carey on the social media site and mentioning false reports. In other words: Believe who you wanna believe, but know that until divorce papers are actually filed there won't be a lot of concrete info to go on. Is Cannon just trying to diffuse the gossip around his relationship coming to an end? Very possibly. But like I said, grains of salt need to be taken with each of these new rumors.