The 'SYTYCD' Finale Featured Les Twins — How Do You Know These Incredible Dancers?

So You Think You Can Dance has never had a shortage of great guest stars and guest performers on their several year history. Season 11 was no exception as on Wednesday night's finale, the show featured the amazing French brother dance duo Les Twins. Consisting of two twin brothers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois — aka Lil Beast and Ca Blaze — Les Twins are French dancers and choreographers who have worked with some of the most famous people on the planet, which means you've definitely seen them perform their incredible moves.

So where exactly have you encountered the Bourgeois twins and what is it about them that is so incredible? Les Twins have danced with Missy Elliot and Beyonce including her latest "On The Run" tour with Jay-Z. The dancers performed an incredible piece on the SYTYCD Season 11 finale that epitomized their famous "New Style" dancing that has been mesmerizing audiences around the world ever since they burst onto the French dance scene in 2008. Despite SYTYCD featuring some of the best routines from Season 11 during the two-hour finale where contemporary dancer Ricky Ubeda was crowned America's Favorite Dancer, one of the best moments from Wednesday night's finale was easily Les Twins number.

After getting famous in Europe, the twins were known around the world when their video from 2010's World of Dance in San Diego went viral. The amazing video currently has more than 24 million views on YouTube.

Their performances with Beyonce have been unforgettable, especially when they had a solo moment during Beyonce's "Flawless" during the "On The Run" tour. Apparently Beyonce's hubby Jay-Z is also a fan of Les Twins as the rapper/mogul featured the duo on his 2011 viral "That's Rocawear" video.

Wow. Thank goodness for SYTYCD's Season 11 contestants that this duo doesn't need to try out for the show. Can anyone even imagine how incredible they'd be if we had the chance to watch them tackle different styles of dance week to week? Sorry Ricky, but I don't know if your win would have been so inevitable. Instead we get to catch them online and lighting up the stage with Beyonce. That's the ultimate prize.