How to Throw a Beyonce-Inspired Party Because It’s Bey-Day, Y’all!

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Thou shalt take thine freak-um dresses out of thine closets and and run thine world for today is BEY-DAY! That's right folks, today marks the momentous occasion of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter's birthday! The ever-evolving megastar turns 33 today and she's as bold and inspiring as ever. Just take a look at #BeyDay on Twitter and see how the BeyHive is already losing its collective mind over this most exalted day.

Now, I'm sure Queen Bey is celebrating in the most opulent/classy/fierce/flawless way. Or maybe she's just kicking back on her couch with her family. Doubtful. It's probably more along the lines of endless champagne with gold-dusted cupcakes. However, even if we can't all party like Bey on Bey-Day, we can at least throw our own Bey-Day party. Turn up the volume, it's time to celebrate.

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