Does Frankie Grande Have Any Friends Left in the 'Big Brother' House? The Tide Is Turning Against Him

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After a promising start of the season, America turned against Big Brother 's Frankie Grande, and now it seems that the other houseguests are turning against him too. With the double eviction Thursday, some houseguests have been entertaining the idea of evicting Frankie if the opportunity arises. Some of those houseguests happen to include Frankie's alliance members, Cody, Christine, and Caleb. After #BackdoorFrankie started trending on Twitter this week, it seemed like there were very few people rooting for Frankie to make it until the end. But is there anyone in the house that is still loyal to him?

This season of Big Brother has been anti-climactic because The Detonators have been picking off people who aren't in their alliance, one-by-one. It seems that they don't realize that they are going to have to turn against each other at some point in the game, but for some of them, that realization might finally be happening now. With the numbers dwindling, Cody seems to completely have turned on Frankie, even saying that Frankie is a snake and that he doesn't "understand how we've gone this entire game allowing a snake to get further."

Caleb might be the only who is still loyal to Frankie, and it might not even be loyalty as much as it is game play, as he thinks he could beat Frankie in the end.

While Caleb might want to take Frankie to the end, Cody and Derrick certainly do not want to see him in the final three.

So what does it mean for Frankie's game if he doesn't have anyone loyal to him? Well, at this point in the game, you don't necessarily need people to be loyal to you, as much as you need people to think they can beat you at the end of the game. Multiple houseguests think Frankie could win at the end, but he's has upset enough people in the jury house that he might not have the numbers to win in the final two, making it a wise choice to bring him to the end versus someone who has played an amazing game so far, like Derrick.

Will the house evict Frankie on Thursday's double eviction show? Or will they realize that he might be a good person to keep around and beat at the end of the game? I guess we'll have to wait until tonight's live show to find out.