He's Making Enemies On and Off Screen

During Sunday night's episode of Big Brother, Frankie Grande got a free pass. Two, actually. Not only did the houseguest avoid having his deplorable rape comments make the air, but he managed to slip by another week without going on the block, despite making some of his housemates uneasy. (Side note: CBS should absolutely show the clip at some point this week, because much like last year's demands that Aaryn's racist comments be seen by all viewers, this also deserves outrage.)

His Big Brother alliance member Cody couldn't help but point out that Frankie has been rubbing people the wrong way and that he continues to be a threat. But, as has been the case pretty much the entire season, Frankie managed to deflect and get the person he wanted to have on the block go up. In this case, he got this week's HoH, Caleb, to put up Christine alongside Nicole. Frankie spent a portion of the episode whispering that Nicole and Christine were, you know, whispering. He also snapped at Christine for giving "special treatment" to her friend (who she has been more than willing to throw under the bus, repeatedly for the alliance's sake) after she simply stated that Nicole forgetting to put on her mic wasn't a strategy move, just a simple mistake.

That wasn't enough for Frankie, who also continued to (unknowingly) make viewers loathe him as he badmouthed beloved evicted houseguest Donny ("We're better off without him") and proudly proclaimed that he doesn't care what Big Brother viewers want from him or Team America. (On the bright side, he's pretty much insured Donny will win America's vote.)

Of course, the houseguests have been wholly aware of Frankie's tactics before. Heck, even this week's HoH Caleb tried to get him out before in that botched thrown football competition. But, the remaining houseguests seem hellbent on getting the girls out first (sight) and Frankie, once again, managed to get his enemy of the week (in this case, Christine) on the block instead of himself. It's only a matter of time before the remaining alliance members feel the same way about Frankie as Season 16 viewers do, right?


Image: CBS