Free People's New Campaign Is Totally Dreamy

The whimsical, hippie brand of your Coachella dreams is getting an Instagram makeover. The popular boho label, Free People, is launching a social media campaign partnering with 27 Insta-famous fashion bloggers and models for its fall collection, in lieu of their traditional big-name model catalog. I know you’ve already seen those earthy, boho-chic editorial shots that made Free People the festival-favorite it is today, so come on now, you have to agree, don’t those just scream Valencia??!

Free People’s usual editorial fare is pretty standard. I mean, just start with forest-y or desert locations no one actual hangs out in. Perhaps a field of sunflowers for summer (don’t know about you, but I often frolic in sunflower fields in floppy felt hats). Add Karlie Kloss or Anja Rubik, some flowy fabrics, and a feather or two, and you just got yourself a catalog that's a favorite among brand-worshippers and fashion editors alike.

This time around, however, Free People has abandoned that old blue print in favor of selfies and professional photos of its hired Insta-famers romping around New York, LA, Paris, and London over a two-week-long shoot.

Instagram and social media campaigns are not exactly new. Rag & Bone, Oscar de la Renta, and Equipment all tired out their hand at finding that perfect filter and partnering with customers to great success. Marketing directors also came to the not-so-stunning realization that they were a huge cost saver. Duh.

Campaign stars include bloggers Ashley and Nicole of Hazel&Pine, Erica and Lauren from HonestlyWTF, Blanda Eggenschwiler, a graphic designer and illustrator, Chantal, who runs the crazy popular fashion blog Cocorosa, and Michelle Collins who was simply plucked from Free People’s popular photo-sharing and fan-interaction platform, FP Me. Definitely raising my mason jar glass to Collins tonight. Girl went from social media obscurity to superblogger/model status overnight. Respect.

From some preview pics of the collection taken from Instagram, it seems like, despite the platform shift, Free People still knows what they do best: Folksy, florals and models who love their center parts.

Images: freepeople/Instagram, blahblahblanda/Instagram,